Don't Expect Star Trek 2 Too Soon

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Hope you're not expecting to see a sequel to JJ Abrams' Star Trek any time soon. According to one of the movie's leads, everyone involved is prepared to take their time making the follow up as good as they can. When asked about the status of Star Trek 2, Zachary Quinto told SciFi Wire:

I know that they're breaking the stories and working on it... J.J. [Abrams] and Bobby [Orci] and Alex [Kurtzman]. But I think those guys have other things that they're working on. Star Trek is a priority, certainly, but I don't think anybody's in a hurry. Which is what I love about them. You know what I mean? Of course the fans and the studio would love it to come out next summer if it could. I think it's going to be much better served by taking time and being clear about the story that they want to tell.

Whether or not this polite "Please back off" will stop fans asking whether or not Khan will appear in the new movie (oh please oh please oh please no) remains to be seen.

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