Dora Aquapet: Pets Heavy

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You are telling me no one said this was a bad idea? Has sexual harassment taken us to the point that colleagues cannot say: "Hey, that new Dora toy we're designing looks like a scene from the Borat movie."


My favorite shopper's quote from Amazon...

"I bought this without checking the pictures thoroughly first."

Suuurrrreee you did, David.

Product Page [via boingboing]

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The Dora Dong.

Due to the significant increase in gadgets that uncannilly resemble penises, I think that such items deserve a special category.

You could call it:

- Dongmodo

- Digital Dong

- Penis Purchace

- Phallactica

- UnCircuitSized

I could do this all day:

- Items that look like cocks.

- Now that I think about it, yeah, I DOES look

like a penis.

- Cacktackular

See what I mean.