Doritos' Late Night Augmented Reality Bags Are Like a Party at Taco Bell

These new bags of Doritos Late Night Taco-flavored chips (I just ate 50) are special not just because of what's inside, but what's on the bag. If you have a webcam, you can simulate a concert in a bag.

Just hold up the symbol on the back of the bag to your webcam—webcam not included in Doritos bag—and visit You'll get the option of Choosing Blink182 or Big Boi, and they'll magically POP out of your bag, onscreen, and do a little dance for you.

Unless you're four years old or really, really love Doritos, this'll be interesting for about 10 minutes. But when it's done, you have a bag of Doritos that taste like Taco Bell tacos. Score.


If you're trying to decide between the bag of Doritos that doesn't let you do something with your webcam and the one that does, the choice is obvious. [Doritos Late Night]


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