Doug Liman Is Making a Sequel to Jumper for YouTube Red

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Doug Liman is maybe best-known for The Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow, and the forthcoming Justice League Dark, but in 2008 he helmed Jumper, about a young man whose teleportation abilities make him a target for religious extremists. The story was intriguing, and though the film got mixed reviews, Liman’s going to tackle the sequel.


But it won’t be a big-screen feature, and it won’t star Hayden Christensen, the erstwhile Anakin Skywalker whose action-movie career was the biggest casualty of those Jumper mixed reviews. (Meanwhile, co-star Samuel L. Jackson escaped completely unscathed.) Instead, Impulse—based on author Steven Gould’s follow-up to his Jumper novel—will be a series produced for YouTube Red, with Liman handling the pilot alongside writer Jeff Lieber (Lost). It follows the teenage daughter of the protagonists of Jumper (played by Christensen and Rachel Bilson in the movie), who also has teleportation and has been raised in relative isolation for her protection.

YouTube Red also picked up another genre project, time-travel show Lifeline, as ebullient producer Dwayne Johnson (who calls the program “fucking awesome”) announced earlier today.

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Jumper is the rare film of the recent era that I actually thought would have benefited from being a little longer.