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Yo ho yo ho, a pirate's life for me. And for you! And for everyone! Because downloading BitTorrent files just got a lot easier. BitTorrent is finally pushing its torrenting browser plug-in, BitTorrent Surf, to beta for you to try. That means you don't have to deal with pesky desktop clients, your browser (Chrome or Firefox) effectively becomes the only BitTorrent client you need.


Back in January, BitTorrent had launched BitTorrent Surf in Alpha but they've added more discovery features, a recommendation engine, a status window to monitor downloads and Firefox support. BitTorrent describes its recommendation engine:

We've added a recommendation engine to Surf. So, say you're an EDM fan and you're searching for content by DJ Shadow. Surf will serve up relevant content suggestions, like a BitTorrent Bundle from Pretty Lights. Recommendation and prioritization can help drive visibility for BitTorrent partner artists – solving for the exposure barrier that every creator is confronted with. That's pretty powerful stuff.


The overall vision of Surf and its recommendation engine would be to give more control to content creators. You can get the BitTorrent Surf Beta here. [BitTorrent Surf, BitTorrent]

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