Download Offline Maps on Windows 10 and Never Be Lost Again

Windows 10 comes with a Maps app built in. It uses Nokia’s nifty (and good!) Here Maps, and Microsoft even lets you download regions for offline perusal.


To download offline maps, just head to Settings—>System—>Offline Maps, or go to the Settings in the Maps app. (Or just search Offline Maps in the system-wide Search.) Maps lets you download by individual region. The files are understandably big — 300MB for New York State, for example.

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There’s no option to download to a particular folder, which is a shame — I’d have liked to have a set of world maps saved to a USB, ready to deploy whenever my roadtrip goes astray in a notspot. One weird quirk — maps won’t download while the Maps app is open, which seems like a strange decision.

The map itself is pretty good. I’ve always liked the way Here maps feels close to a paper map, and it certainly retains that feel on Windows 10. Having the house numbers overlaid on buildings is nothing short of magical.

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That’s...I guess kind of neat. In theory. I only really need maps cached on my phone, and I’m not about to get a Windows phone. Still, for that tiny subset of humanity using a laptop/tablet on public transit, I can see how this feature is nice.