DPreview Bought Out by Amazon: How Does This Affect You?

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Did you hear that dpreview.com was just bought out by Amazon? If you're not familiar with dpreview, it's the largest database for digital camera reviews and news on the internet. Hell, it's even the first result if you type "cameras" into Google.


But how does the purchase of the biggest camera review site by the biggest online retailer affect you? Well, we (and the rest of the tech community) are still debating this internally, but the fact that Amazon is now owner and watcher of the site may call into question its impartiality towards camera reviews. Will Amazon pass down edicts for the reviewers telling them to pimp cameras with higher margins? Who knows. But something like this is akin say, CNET being bought out by Fry's.

In the meantime, we'll still give them the benefit of the doubt and believe they can give honest and unbiased reviews until they prove otherwise. We hope they stay true to their number one Google ranking.


Press Release [dpreview]

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So far Amazon has been good to its sister sites (alexa, imdb etc...). I'm sure they just want the ad revenue as I bet they were paying a fortune in affiliate cash which they'd rather keep in their own pockets.