Drippler: Turn Your Phone Into the Best Damn Phone It Can Be

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Already a favorite among Android users, Drippler's highly helpful, personalized suggestions and tips are finally making their way into the hands of iPhone users everywhere.

What does it do?

Takes note of your iPhone model and carrier, then comes up with a feed of all the newest phone fixes, apps, and other goodies it thinks will spark your fancy. Every time you open, download, or like something in your feed, the smarter Drippler gets and the more in-line it will be with your ever discerning tastes.


Why do we like it?

The sheer volume of software updates, apps, accessories, and hacks that become available for your phone on a daily basis can be overwhelming and nearly impossible to sort through. So rather than digging endlessly or turning a blind eye to those few potential nuggets altogether, Drippler will filter out the crap and that which doesn't apply, leaving you with a pure flow of phone enhancements all your own.



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