Do we get to see Milton get punished in hell, and what is his punishment?

That's a complicated question. You have to see the film to understand what Hell is in this mythology and the nature of how you're punished. One could easily say yes or no. You have to see Hell to see what I mean by that. You do see the nature of his punishment, yes. Do you see him actually getting punished? Perhaps not.


I've seen the Gunfight sex scene, how do you top that scene?

You certainly haven't seen all of it. That scene is maybe three times as long. Oh god, yeah there's more.

While we're on the subject of Hell, I'd love to know a little more about your next project, the Hellraiser film. Where are you right now with this flick?


We're in the writing process. This is a project that Dimension has been trying to develop for quite some time. It's sort of a… I don't know if reboot is the right word or remaining or reinvention, or re whatever. We pitched them a pretty aggressive turn in the story, leading into the world that Clive [Barker] created in the first one. But not an essential remake, because Clive's film is a landmark horror movie. Why remake something that holds up so beautifully. That story is such a personal story. We talked about doing a hard and fast remake. And then talked about, "What if we take the parts of that story, the parts of the world that you're never allowed to see, mostly because they didn't have the money or the time, and what if we walk into that world? What if we walk into the facets that Clive showed the world, but didn't have the means to drag you in kicking and screaming?"

How do write the backstory to Pinhead and that world?

It's surprising where and when the ideas come from and how they work. I've watched all the theatrical versions, and I think I've seen all the direct to DVD films, except the latest which hasn't come out yet. You look at the appeal of the universe. What is it about that universe that people are drawn to? What is the darkness that people can't turn away from? And then you start working through the story and the characters. What is the human story that makes that world dangerous, compelling and something you must enter even though it's likely not in your best interest to do so. That is what we grab on to, and then you just want to have the most awesome cenobite action you can and make it shockingly horrific.


How much of the cenobite world and the Pinhead world will be practical?

As much as we possibly can. Practical is always best wherever you can do it. A mix of practical and CG is good, but it's better to have someone walking down a real hallway than a CG hallway. These days it's all related to budget and time. But the goal is to create a real world and how that world moves in an out.


Have you talked to Clive since this has all come out?

No not yet. Hopefully we'll be able to look at that later in the Spring when hopefully we'll have the full script to work with.

Drive Angry will be in theaters Feb. 25th.