Drivemocion: LED Display for your Car

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Just when you thought you couldn't annoy more people with your incessant use of emoticons in email, text messages and IM's along comes the Drivemocion. LED messages are all over the place, in jackets, badges and belts so why not in your car? This battery powered, suction cup mounted rear window display comes with a wireless controller for you to use inside and allows you to chose from the 2, 3 and 5 messages versions featuring Smiley face and Sad face in addition to up to three pre-programmed messages. But since "Thanks" and "Backoff" are way too tame and "Idiot" is only at the tip of the iceberg of this product's potential, we know you're holding out for the one where you can program your own epic and witty messages. Cause nothing says classy like an LED message that reads "Last time some guy got that far up my ass he bought me dinner first"


Drivemocion [AU-MY via I4U News]



Not legal in CA, as someone mentioned. I saw some poor homely woman getting a ticket for interior x-mas lights... sad world we live in...

but wait, i have something ALOMOST as good! get a rubber glove, an aquarium pump and some tubing, tape down the "unnecisary" fingers, get some douche behind ya, and inflate. yeah.