Driving a Nuclear Submarine Through Britain's Roads

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Click to viewRemember that Astute-class nuclear submarine that looked like a whale? Well, scrap that, because it really looks like a Calamari Cruiser or a Zentraedi mothership. At least, that's what people must be thinking while they watch it travelling through the roads of Britain mounted on a gigantastic moving platform. Personally, I can't wait for the "My Other Car Is a Nuclear Sub" bumper sticker.


Image of the day [BBC News]



Well Imagine trying to stop something that big at even 5-10 mph without taking a pretty long stretch.

It's hard to tell how far back the nose goes from that angle, but judging by the wheels on the loader I'd say that we're looking at well under 25% of the actual length of the behemoth.

I'm surprised that there are no long-black-full-o-seamen comments.