Driving in Los Angeles somehow looks awesome in this time lapse

I hate driving, I really do. I especially hate driving in Los Angeles. And even though I know it's impossible and unreal for me to ever feel this cool driving (unless I turn into Ryan Gosling), this time lapse by Gavin Heffernan makes me want to get in my car and drive through Los Angeles forever.


In fact, all the driving scenes in Heffernan's time lapse are pretty stellar. We've seen many versions of the Los Angeles time lapse and they're always beautiful because of the sprawl and the never ending sea of lights and the car movements but this one might be the best yet.

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ktfright | Kinja Neighborhood Black Guy

Dude, South Bay (Manhattan Beach, Hawthorne, Marina Del Rey) is where its at. I somewhat agree and absolutely hate driving into or out of downtown or Hollywood however.