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Droid, In Deutschland You Shall Be Called Milestone

Illustration for article titled Droid, In Deutschland You Shall Be Called Milestone

Same Droid, different country. Hell, different continent. In Germany thy name be Milestone.


The new name is not as tech-heavy of geektastic as Droid, but we can see the point. From here on out, things are going to be different (hopes Verizon/Motorola).

The image comes from the O2 web site, where the Droid is masquerading about as the Milestone for a presumably contract-free price of about $595. Launch day is November 9, a mere three days after we Yanks get the coveted handset here in the States. No word on whether or not O2 scored an exclusive here or what, as there's no mention of the phone popping up on other carriers' web sites. [Slashgear]

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Gordonium has W blue sky lives

*sigh* Queue the "looking for" Droid jokes in 3... 2... 1... #droid