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DefenseTech runs down a full list of unmanned drones that may soon be coming to a field of battle near you. They're not in production yet, but they're generally pretty cool. First up we have the DP-5X, an unmanned helicopter that can be taken apart and put back together in the field. Then we have the Long Gun:

The DARPA Long Gun program will evaluate and develop a re-useable, long endurance, low cost, joint, unmanned/armed missile system combined with a tri-mode long wave infrared/near infrared/visible (LWIR/NIR/VIS) sensor with laser spot targeting.


In fact, there are actually more than we care to recount here and, if these things move off the drawing board expect robot striders and demon cyborgs to be right around the corner.

Unmanned Future Plotted [DefenseTech]

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