Dropping Explosives From a Quadrotor Puts Tom Clancy to Shame

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To a casual observer, this video might look like dropping high explosives from an RC helicopter. Which would be cool enough on its own. But the real case is so, so much better: This is the future of dropping tiny, deadly bombs from the sky.

Richard Ryan continues his real life exploration of the military tech from Ghost Recon: Future Solider with this demonstration of quadrotors and hexacopters dropping live bombs, set to explode at predetermined proximities to the ground. The bombs—a BB-filled claymore variety, and the fire-gushing napalm sort—have sonar built-in, so that they explode midair instead of on impact, for maximum destruction.


And you even get a few Hurt Locker moments, as Ryan has to disarm bombs that didn't fire when they were supposed to the first time, which might be the craziest part of all. [YouTube]