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This is getting pretty deep down the chain, but we have some reports on what the DS Lite is like. All of this is coming from a friend of a friend that works at the peripheral company, Hori. Hori is only manufacturing basic stuff, like screen covers, but they did get a demo unit. Here it is, straight from the horse's mouth:

He tells me the surface feels smooth. The buttons click like the DS s current buttons, though the D-pad feels like that of the Gameboy Micro. It feels solid. I ask about the screen. He says, It doesn t turn on. There s nothing inside it. Well, that s to be expected, I guess.


Well, from initial word it seems that Nintendo has fixed the complaints previously associated with the DS—if it doesn't turn on, the games can't suck! HAR! No, really: it's more sturdy, solid and small. Good job, Nintendo.

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