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DTS Understands Why Sound Matters

Sound is an integral part of each of our lives. Sure, that kind of sounds like a duuuh statement, but think about it. If you didn't here that muffler roaring, you wouldn't know a biker was coming up behind you at 70 miles an hour. And if you couldn't hear the music swell, how would you know when something very scary was about to happen inside the babysitter's house?


Sound defines the quiet moments of our days, and ignites the most impassioned parts of our nights—that's why DTS, the leader in high definition audio, is committed to reminding listeners that sound matters. By continuously advancing the way we experience movies, music and games, DTS is revolutionizing our aural landscape.

Check out their video to hear exactly what real sound, you know, sounds like. And if you happen to be in the Vegas area, you can experience it in person. It has just been announced that DTS will receive an International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award for its audio technology integration with the T-Mobile G2x™ with Google™ by LG. The T-Mobile G2x will be displayed at the 2012 International CES all this week, so prepare to be blown away.


To find out more about why sound matters to DTS, head here now.

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