Dubai's 3D-Printed Museum of the Future Looks Like Science Fiction

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Dubai's newly announced "Museum of the Future" is doing its best to live up to the name.

According to a report that appeared Friday in Arch Daily, the metallic oblong structure will be filled with holograms, state-of-the-art robots, and, yes, 3D printed rooms, hallways and auditoriums. The future museum will be open to the world in 2017.


Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum explains that the $136 million dollar museum will feature "innovation labs and permanent future exhibits." Concept art suggests that Tron-inspired vehicles and ten foot tall androids straight out of I, Robot will also feature prominently.


Oh, and drones. Lots of drones.

The idea of a future museum is certainly exciting, and the novelty of walking through a 3D- printed structure filled with autonomous robots is sure to sell tickets. But this museum is going to have to convince me that it's much more than an homage to aughts-era sci-fi films. [ArchDaily]