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Remember how putting an 'i' in front of everything was en vogue after the iPod became popular? That trend continues today with the term 'smart'. We've got smartphones, smartcars, smartwatches, and now even Smart Bedding, which uses a clever trick to ensure your sheets don't end up in a twisted knot by morning.


The top sheet you sleep under is usually considerably larger than your duvet on top, leaving excess slack that needs to be tucked in for your bed to look presentable. And throughout the night, as you fight to then free those sheets, your duvet is tossed about, leaving your sheets misaligned and an uncomfortable mess. The Smart Bedding solves this with technology even the Amish would approve of: snaps that hold the equally sized top sheet and duvet in perfect perpetual alignment.

With a pair of scissors and a steady sewing hand you can add this functionality to your existing bedding, but it will probably end up looking like a grade school craft project. Thankfully, King-sized versions of the Smart Bedding run just $85 for the duvet cover, and $44 for a top sheet, in a variety of colors. So they won't break the bank, and just might result in a better night's sleep if you're not constantly at war with your sheets. [Smart Bedding via Uncrate]


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