Dystopian Dolls And Robotic Teens Make This Week's TV Worth Watching

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The Late Night Wars may be over, but television finds itself unable to stop. This week alone, there're new episodes of Chuck, Supernatural and Caprica, not to mention the final ever episode of Dollhouse. Hankies and actives at the ready!


Does Joan of Arcadia really count as SF? Syfy is pushing the boundaries with their choice of daytime marathon (From 8am through 3pm), I think. With Mythbusters on rerun duty, the evening brings a traditional choice between House on Fox at 8pm (The team treats a female executive who may just be a sociopath) and Chuck on NBC at the same time (Chuck's first solo mission brings the inevitable "hilarious consequences." I blame gueststar Kristin Kreuk. If neither of those float your particular boats, there're also two more episodes of animated Witchblade on IFC at 8:00 and 8:30. Sadly, there's nothing to distract from "The Art of Deception," the latest episode of Heroes on NBC at 9.


Your Syfy marathon of the day? That would be The Twilight Zone, from 8am through 3pm. If you missed Caprica on Friday, there's a rerun at 8pm for you to catch up, or you could just watch Better Off Ted on ABC at 8:30, instead. 9pm brings either a re-run of last season's Lost finale on ABC or a new episode of the not-really-io9 Human Target over on Fox (shifted from Wednesday because of the State of the Union).

Invasion lives again on Syfy's daytime schedule, from 8am through 3pm.

AMC is obviously celebrating some kind of "Not as good as you'd want sci-fi" day, with Star Trek: Nemesis (4:30am), Conquest of The Planet Of The Apes (7am), Stargate (3pm), Terminator 2 (5:30pm), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (8:30pm), Superman Returns (11pm) and Pitch Black (2:30am). Meanwhile, Syfy is running Jeremiah from 8am through 1pm, and I have to admit ignorance about what that show was.

Eveningtime offers its usual brand of treats: The CW has Vampire Diaries at 8pm and Supernatural at 9 (Sam ends up in a teenager's body thanks to some successful adolescent shenanigans this week. It's much less salacious than it sounds, I promise), while Fringe's new episode (9pm on Fox) is tantalizingly called "The Bishop Revival"...


Relive your vampire dreams with Syfy's Moonlight marathon from 8am through 3pm (And, for those of you who watch Castle, look for his apartment in each episode), before considering AMC's Aliens (3pm) and Alien3 (6pm) double bill.

Get started for a night of new programming with Batman: The Brave and The Bold on Cartoon Network at 7:30pm; it's "Clash Of The Metal Men," which means robots with faulty responsometers, which is cartoon gold, people. Then it's on to people with fault responsometers with the final-ever episode of Dollhouse on Fox at 8pm as we all go back to future for "Epitaph 2: Return."

(Alternatively, you could tune in for a Smallville double-bill on the CW at 8 and 9; first off, last week's bumped Green Arrow-centric episode "Disciple" before a re-run of last season's best ep, the Geoff Johns-written "Legion." But, come on; it's the last Dollhouse.)


9pm brings a choice between Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network and Caprica's second episode on Syfy. We're suggesting TiVoing for the former and going straight for the latter.

Choose your televisual weapon at 9pm: BBC America has a new episode of Demons, while Syfy goes all out with their Saturday movie, offering up Meteor Storm.


Syfy has a marathon of Stephen King mini-series and movies, with Rose Red at 10am, Desperation at 4pm and The Tommyknockers at 7pm, while AMC has The Matrix trilogy starting at 11am, and then again at 8pm, but let's face it; you'd rather be watching Robocop on IFC at 8, right...?