E-mail Dies, as Email Rises Triumphant From Its Ashes

Illustration for article titled E-mail Dies, as Email Rises Triumphant From Its Ashes

The hyphen just got slightly more obsolete, and you just saved yourself a lot of right ring-finger reaching. In a move that feels so right it surely should've been made years ago, the authoritative AP Stylebook has deemed "e-mail" to be incorrect. From now on, we send emails. Thank goodness.


The move will be officially announced later today at ACES 2011, with the change going into effect at 3am EST tonight. Why is this such welcome news? Because language is catching up to technology. Because those videos of animals riding slightly larger animals you forward around aren't just "electronic mail" anymore, digital versions of what you stuff in a dark blue mailbox. They're now a form of communication unto themselves. I mean, they always have been. But now it's AP-official.

You're welcome, of course, to continue typing "e-mail" as much as you like. You're also welcome to make popcorn over a fire pit, or ride a mule to work. Email is the future, friends. And e-books? You'd better be next. [Twitter]


I was always iffy on the capitalization. It could be E-mail or Email or e-mail or email. I mostly use them interchangably, but I've seen all four. I use the hyphen when I want to emphasize the electronic aspect (e-mail is faster than snail-mail) and don't use the hyphen when I'm just firing off an email.