E3 2006: Microsoft Peripheral Frenzy

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Microsoft has announced three sexy and savvy pieces of hardware. First up, a Microsoft branded steering wheel that will be released in conjunction with Forza Motorsports 2. The actual steering wheel itself seems pretty average, but the big perk is that it is wireless.

Next up is a truly wireless headset. This features the same form factor as the modern Bluetooth cellphone headsets, unfortunately it is not Bluetooth. At least you will look classy when 12-year-old kids cuss you out for sucking at a Halo.

Lastly Microsoft will finally be releasing their Eyetoy Xbox Live Vision Camera. This camera will allow you to put your face into games and game interaction. Of course we can expect some video conferencing features being added to Xbox Live. Sex chat anyone?


There was no price points, but if it continues in the usual Microsoft peripheral fashion, then expect to pay upwards of $50 to $75. All of these accessories will be available this holiday season. .