Earnings Roundup: Nintendo, AT&T and Nokia Make Mad Bank

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It's the end of the quarter, which means it's raining earnings reports—companies tell investors (and the world) just how much coin they're swimming in (or bleeding out). Today, Nintendo revealed that the Wii is printing money twice as fast as last year; AT&T pulled in almost 3 million new subscribers; Nokia now commands 40 percent of the handset; and Netflix is doing pretty well, too. Big numbers are this-a-ways.


So how fast is the Wii printing money now vs. last year? Because Nintendo is all weird and Japanese (not really), they don't do a quarterly breakdown, but a three-quarterly breakdown. Having sold 20 million Wiis worldwide—14.29 million in the last nine months—and over 64.79 DSes—nearly 25 million in the last nine months—Nintendo raked in a ridonkulous $2.43 billion profit, or almost double what it made in the same period last year. They also said they're going to make even more money this year than previously thought.

While AT&T pulled in 2.7 million new suckas, most of the profit boost vs. last year actually spurs from its digestion of BellSouth, which had taken place at the time. They posted profits of $3.1 billion for the quarter, up from $1.9 billion last year on revenues of $30.3 billion, up from $15.9 billion. U-verse rollout is still moving along, with an expected 1 million subscribers by the end of the year. Exciting!

On the Nokia front, their profit is up 44 percent to $2.6 billion, having reached their lifelong dream of claiming 40 percent of the handset market. They sold over 133 million of 'em from October to December—a lot of gabbers. Naturally their stock shot up on the news, while poor Motorola is pretty much bombing the hells outon all fronts. Guess we know where Nokia pulled some of its newfound marketshare from.

Netflix is still rollin' dough too, even as it stands on the brink of assault from multiple fronts—subscribers are up 18 percent, to 7.5 million, which helped them pull in $15.4 million, a nice little boost from $14.9 million last year. Good job, guys!

And that's it for today's money-grubbing. [NYT, NYT, NYT, NYT]




I have been waiting for 3 weeks on new releases from Netflix, I can't understand why they dont have those new releases available...( very long wait)