Earthrace Boat: Carbon Trimaran Stabs Through Waves, Video

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The Earthrace boat isn't some Greenpeace sponsored, treehugging tug. No! It's a treehugging, carbon/Kevlar-hulled, 1080-Horsepower, 78 foot speedboat with a sharp bow meant to harpoon waves. Apparently, submarining through the crests of waves is a lot more efficient than going up and over them. And, as Wired reported, the boat ran a section of its circumnavigation off biofuel processed from the captain's ass fat. Really.

Video of the ass-powered boat slicing up waves, after the jump.

Ass Powered Boat [Thanks, Brian Chiko ]

Ass Powered Boat [Wired]

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Weatherman, this ship is designed for circumnavigation. They're not puttering around the lake in this sucker. They will encounter big waves.

Wave-piercing is more efficient, allows the vessel to travel faster, and most importantly for crew on long-distance travel in rough seas, more stable.

Oh yeah, this thing is sex on water. Droooool.