No longer confined to the ivory and platinum Acela cars, whisking the aristocracy between debutante balls and peacock hunts, Amtrak's free Wi-Fi is trickling down to the people. Twelve east coast routes—60% of Amtrak traffic—are going wireless.


This number includes the prominent Northeast Regional line, which carries cranky Americans from Virginia to Boston daily. One interesting note: "AmtrakConnect technology is designed in a way that enables it to take advantage of technology improvements such as faster 4G speeds, as they become available along the routes." Don't hold your breath on that one—mobile data coverage is awful along the corridor, in my experience—but it's nice to at least see an interest in super train broadband. This probably won't be good for Netflix anytime soon, but now you can have an IM conversation or three, stream some music, and get some work done. [Amtrak via Engadget]

Photo: Prayitno