Eavesdropping Radio Busts Cop for Squad Car Sex on the Job

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Getting caught looking at porn when you're 13? Embarrassing. Having your police superiors overhear "what sounded like a woman moaning" while you're on patrol? Really embarrassing. Pro-tip: turn off your two-way radio when you're having sex.

The Sheriff's department of Snohomish County in Washington are investigating the matter internally—and it's unclear whether the moaner was a civilian or another cop—but Sue Quinn, former president of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement, would like to remind us all of one thing: "It's never OK to have sex while on duty when you're a cop." NEVER! Pierce Murphy, community ombudsman for the Boise Police Department, chimed in to agree: "[Police] have an obligation to be available, doing their job to keep us safe. If they're engaged in sex, they're highly unavailable." Unless they're fighting some sort of extremely sexy crime, right? Ah, forget it. [Seattle Times]