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This week on TreeHugger, a public urinal feeds plants with pee, shark attacks ocean robot, beer cans recycled into a surfboard, giant OLED globe is *amazing*, funky solar lamps, floating pools, and more!

From 72 Recycled Beer Cans Comes a Sweet Surfboard Rich Morrison has made what is most likely the first ever functioning surfboard made of beer cans.

Massive 6-Meter Globe Made of 10,362 OLED Panels, Offers Interactive Earth Experience (Video) This enormous globe is interactive, showing everything from the impact of Japan's tsunami to wildlife. Amazing.


Internet Archive Begins Backing Up Books on Paper. Huh?? It sounds backwards but there's a great reason for it.

Public Urinal Feeds Plants With Pee This gives a whole new perspective to peeing on bushes in public spaces.


Shark Attacks Liquid Robotics' Wave-Powered Robot It's like the beginnings of a great sci-fi movie.

An Entire Power Grid on a 4mm Chip Could Be Solution to Aging Grid This tiny chip helps manage major grid issues, and may help boost renewable energy.


Funky Solar Lamp Charges Your Cell Phone These just plain old look awesome.

Bringing a Floating Pool to NYC's East River, Filled With Filtered River Water A Kickstarter campaign could get this concept off the ground (and into the water).


The Most Eco-Friendly iPhone Speaker Made from Bamboo, Uses Zero Electricity It's a bamboo tube — and it works!

If The World's Population Lived In One City... Who would think that 7 billion urbanites could cover such a tiny area.