eCoupled Technology Powers Up a Blender Wirelessly

Before you ask, yes it does blend—and it does it all wirelessly. This isn't the first time we have heard about Fulton Innovation's eCoupled intelligent wireless power system, but is the first time the technology has been demoed with a high powered device. eCoupling uses inductive coupling, which transfers energy from one device to another through a shared magnetic field. In this case, we see an eCoupled-enabled countertop pairing with a modified blender. This demo has been a long time coming, but it has renewed my faith that one day I might actually be able to escape from all of these wires. Fulton reiterates that they are currently working with various partners, including Motorola, Leggett & Platt, and Herman Miller in an effort to make power and charging cords obsolete—but until I am actually blending wire-free I will continue to be cautiously optimistic. [PRNewswire via Crunchgear]


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Ignoring the fact that the blender looks significantly heavier than most (hopefully not the result of this marvelous technology), I still can not help but think this is an answer in search of a question. Admittedly, plugging things into an outlet is a slight hassle, but is it less of a hassle than being stuck to your 'shocking' magnetic counter top?

Wireless is great for stuff where you want to move around with it. I guess I just am not seeing the huge benefit to not having to plug in a blender. Then again, I am still plugging in my USB devices, too.