Eee PC 900 Gets Unboxed

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With the release of Eee PC 900 imminent, the folks at XEPC have managed to get their grubby little mitts on a final production model. Not only that, but they've posted the glorious unboxing pictures all over the tubes for you to see. Features that are now definitely definite, include:

8.9-inch display (1024 x 600), 1GB RAM, 12GB SSD, 1.3MP camera, increase in touchpad surface area and a larger 12V power brick, which allows for more rapid charging cycles. Other note worthy features include a RAM access panel, which presumably has been put in place to make the Eee PC 900 DIY upgrade friendly; Intel goodness inside that is probably not Atom flavored, and finally, a supposed release date of mid-April, which doesn't fit with whisperings we've previously heard all that well. Hit up the link for a slew of unboxing shots to make you all white and plasticy. [XEPC via Liliputing]


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@mricyfire: Please refrain from posting again. Regarding ultralights, you obviously have no imagination, insight, or leg to stand on beyond gaming (which is practically useless on any laptop of portable size = 95%) or cropping pictures and feeling important for doing so.

For a living, I help the executive & professional levels of "everyone who uses a PC for more than...", and trust me, after they see me whip out one of my ultralight toys THEY BUY ONE FOR THEMSELVES AND NEVER LOOK BACK!

My 8yr old international tech/security biz is nothing short of needing computing power, continual tech advancement, & PORTABLITY... After my <2lb, 1/2in thick Sharp MM20 burned up last month (4+ years old and could still kick the crap out of many new full size laptops - yes it was tweaked, but 'old' & the reigning smallest notebook), I will no doubt be able to find THOUSANDS of uses for an Eee PC!

Security assessments, network diagnostics, wireless deployment & testing (5 miles+ WITH the Eee PC), wireless cracking, all around white-hat hacking, graphic & web design, programming, databasing, VPN access, QuickBooks, VoIP, DVD backup, Video monitoring, and on and on and on.

ALL while barely using the strength of two fingers to lift, and a minuscule fraction of space in my briefcase!

Beyond the point: Do you want to make friends, conversations, and connections real quick? Have something EXTREMELY useful and portable at a solid pricepoint. THAT, mricyfire, is what most people want.