With the release of Eee PC 900 imminent, the folks at XEPC have managed to get their grubby little mitts on a final production model. Not only that, but they've posted the glorious unboxing pictures all over the tubes for you to see. Features that are now definitely definite, include:

8.9-inch display (1024 x 600), 1GB RAM, 12GB SSD, 1.3MP camera, increase in touchpad surface area and a larger 12V power brick, which allows for more rapid charging cycles. Other note worthy features include a RAM access panel, which presumably has been put in place to make the Eee PC 900 DIY upgrade friendly; Intel goodness inside that is probably not Atom flavored, and finally, a supposed release date of mid-April, which doesn't fit with whisperings we've previously heard all that well. Hit up the link for a slew of unboxing shots to make you all white and plasticy. [XEPC via Liliputing]