Elecom Silicone Protectors for Sony E Series DAPs

The same type of silicone that has protected untold numbers of iPods 'round the world will now be protecting some of Sony's portable audio players thanks to Elecom. Designed to protect the Sony NW-E005/003/002 line of portable audio players, the AVD-SCSE005 sits nice and snug over the little music player, helping to shield it from the shocks and harassment of everyday life.


The little life savers, such as they are, will go on sale in Japan next month for the paltry sum of just less than $15 and will come in the five fruity colors (and transparent) you see here.

You see, it is possible to talk about silicone digital audio player covers without making incredibly hacky prophylactic "jokes."

Product Page (in Japanese) [Elecom via Digital World Tokyo]

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