Ello My Baby

Everyone gets songs lodged in their heads. Sometimes you hear something and it just gets stuck, like when I spent an entire bus ride with "Tubthumping" on mental replay after hearing it in 7-11.

Other times you don't hear anything at all, but the unexpected popularity of a new social network triggers an unavoidable mental association game and you end up with the frog from Looney Tunes doing his vaudeville act over and over and over and over and over until you start day-drinking Chardonnay.

When the social network Ello opened up this week, that is exactly what happened to me. Every time I checked the new network, that damn bombastic frog song would pop up and would not go away.


At first, I tried to ignore it, like when my tooth hurt and I didn't have dental insurance.

And just like when my tooth hurt and I didn't have dental insurance, that turned out to be a HORRIBLE plan. The more I tried not to think about "Hello My Baby" the more I thought about "Hello My Baby." I realize now I'm in a The Ring-style situation and the only way to get rid myself of this curse is to show it to someone else.

I'm sorry. Who wants an Ello invite?

Welcome to Soundtrack, what Gizmodo's staff is listening to every night.


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Tony Kaye ⌨

Isn't there a racist background with that frog? Like it was modeled after a famous African-American musician in a not so flattering way?