Elvis the RoboCat Still Figuring Out This 'Moving Around' Thing

Elvis the cat had a run-in with a truck that resulted in him losing the use of his back legs. Naturally, the only solution that owner and Battlebots (remember Battlebots?) engineer Carlo Bertocchini could come up with was a crazy robotic box for Elvis to be placed in to return his mobility.

The best part of the video isn't just that it's of a robocat, which is just ludicrous in itself, but in that Elvis clearly has no idea how to use the thing. Apparently there are two buttons inside for Elvis to hit with his paws to move the robot around, but he seems only able to go in dizzying circles with it. I'm as big a fan of unnecessary robotics as anyone, but don't they make little wheelchairs for cats like Elvis that would let him use his front legs to walk around? Oh well, what do I know? I'm no robot veterinarian. [Team Biohazard via BotJunkie]


I think that's supposed to be a joke...

A) They're wearing bio hazard tag on his scrubs while they're in his garage

B) The cat is never looking where he's going, only to the nearest person

C) The beginning of the clip says that no animals were harmed in "this segment"

D) There's a camera hole in the front

E) looks like the cat is in that small hole to keep him there.