Painters always sign their canvases, so why shouldn't bakers—proud of their tasty treats—not sign their work as well? But since pens don't work on dough, and Sharpies are probably an even worse idea, Etsy seller Zuzia Zuber will create a custom rolling pin for you, embossed with a repeating pattern of "made by (your name here)."


The personalized versions—hand made from beech wood—will set you back around $50 each. But there are also cheaper $35 versions that come with premade designs like cats, burgers and fries, or just various abstract patterns. They probably won't be the best tool in your kitchen for actually rolling out dough, though, but as a last pass before your baked treats hit the oven, they're an easy way to make them distinctly yours. [Etsy via Neatorama]