Empire State Building to Get New, Uglier Lights

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The Empire State Building, whose lights change with the seasons (green and red for Christmas, green for St. Paddy's Day, etc), is getting an upgrade. Both Color Kinetics and Philips Electronics are competing for a new contract to install LEDs on the skyscraper, allowing for new colors and patterns to be shone on the side of the building.

While I'm all for an upgrade with brighter, more efficient lights, the idea of a giant American flag or some cheesy fireworks animations for the 4th of July being slapped up there just seems really tacky. But hey, they didn't ask me, so look for some tourist-slow-walking-inducing lights to be installed on the iconic structure sometime next year.

Empire State Building Seeks Best of the Brightest [NY Times]

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I'm not sure I understand the distinction: "The L.E.D.s will be projecting light onto the building, not densely covering its sides and projecting outward, as they would on Times Square billboard screens - "so you can't," Mr. Connors said, "create an image of King Kong with these lights.""

So, essentially, there won't be enough lights to do intricate and specific designs - just "dynamic new patterns" like color bursts and the like?

(Wonders how long before it's covered in advertising)