English Spiderman Scales Sides of Buildings Using Vacuum Cleaner Parts

[Photo Removed on request of the photographer.]

We've all got at least one vacuum cleaner lying around the house (gathering dust, in some cases), but hopefully no-one will be inspired by BBC presenter Jem Stansfield who scales buildings using sucking force from the machines.


I don't want to be receiving any photos of your bruises after you fall flat on your face 2ft up the side of your garage, but this is how Stansfield cobbled together his "Spiderman gloves," which he's used to climb up to 120ft previously.

An earlier feat, climbing the side of the BBC building:

Just a reminder: if you try this at home, don't send me the x-rays of your fractured fibula. [The Telegraph and Daily Mail]



Is this article any different than when it was posted back in July?