Enormous Home-Made Margarita Mixer Means You Can Say 'Mine's A Large One'

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Perhaps I should have saved this for Jesus Diaz, who really knows how to put away a margarita, but he's busy Photoshopping Steve Jobs' head onto Father Christmas in the hope that he'll get to test the iPhone when it comes out. So, campers, it looks like the drinks are on me.


This Margarita Mixer looks like something that the A-Team knocked up in the last 10 minutes of the program. You know, when fonky instrumental music plays, and Hannibal, B.A. and The Other Two™ hammer and weld away dementedly at a length of guttering, three wheels, a couple of batteries, three chickens, a roll of tartan fabric, half a hundredweight of broccoli spears, two cuckolded Ghanaians and a bag of Haribo jelly babies. Then, ta-daaah, they unveil the Airbus A380 and fly off into the sunset together for some A-love.

This was made out of a small-block 400, a trailer, various small parts and a home-made stainless steel blender for a wedding, by the groom's father. Six bags of ice and 18 bottles of ready-to-drink Margarita Mixture later, it was party time—well, for as long as it took them to get through the 18 bottles.

Now *that's* a Margarita maker [The Muddle of the Road via Boing Boing]



Gizmo presents Real Men of Genius.

Real Men of Geniuus

Today, we salute to you Mr. Small-Block-400-Margarita-Mixer

Mr. Small-Block-400-Margarita-Mixeeerrr

Nevermind Cuisinart or KitchenAid blenders. The only way to start a real party is to haul that Tequila mini-chipper with a pickup truck.

Briiing out that sack of saalt