Envious Illuminated Shot Glasses

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The weekend, a favorite time for all. The perfect time to drink away the week that was. Here we have illuminating shot glasses that were developed by students at the University of Pennsylvania for an undergraduate project. They are frosted shot glasses that illuminate when tapped on a hard surface. Once tapped, or "slammed," as you kids call it, the shot glass lights up for six seconds.


The LED is held in a small base which also holds a battery capable of 3,000 uses, or approximately 35 gallons of liquor. During my hands-on usage I found these shot glasses most useful with drinking games. It was kind of like a game show—whoever's shot glass lights up first wins. They are also extremely durable; breaking the glass during a slam worried me at first, but as the liquor flowed down, the worries went away and these shot glasses held their own really well.

The inventor has already donated some of these shot glasses to a fundraising event held by Forbes to raise money for Katrina relief. The glasses are available online for $9.99. Check out the website for product ordering information, drink recipes and even pictures.

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