Epson's P-6000 and P-7000 Photo Viewers Look Semi-Decent, But Expensive

Illustration for article titled Epsons P-6000 and P-7000 Photo Viewers Look Semi-Decent, But Expensive

Epson's got two LCD-based photo viewers in the P-6000 and P-7000 that don't look half bad. They have 80GB and 160GB respectively, with RAW support, 35% faster image download speed compared to old models, 640x480 resolution, and a 94% reproduction of the Adobe RB color gamut. The price-$599 and $799-reflect the fact that they're more for professional photographers that need to dump their photos onto something, rather than your parents, who just want to look at the grandkids on the go. [Street Insider via Epson (7000) and Epson (6000)]


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I fail to see the novelty of this thing. First off, it would have been interesting were it not for the price. You could buy a UMPC at that price. Second off, why the hell hasn't anyone though to make a decent photo frame to this day? By decent, I mean sensible and fully-featured. That means including wifi access to pics stored on a network PC/drive, bluetooth to upload from compatible phones and devices, an array of slots, and a BATTERY! Wouldn't it be nice to show your pics to your friends with a frame that isn't bound to an outlet or permanent location. Why not a digital album (something a-la kindle in design)? It can have a cover, a battery, and all the integration features we need. This thing is just stupid for the price.