Ethan Hawke Pitches Daybreakers 2: The Road Warrior

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Ethan Hawke is ready to get his hands dirty in the next Daybreakers film. He's even got a few ideas for a sequel. We asked the directors the Spierig brothers what they thought, but they've got a prequel in mind.

While doing press for the vampire flick Daybreakers, main character Ethan Hawker brainstormed a few ideas for a sequel, which we later followed up with the directors to get their opinions.

So you've been in two sterile dystopias, do you think you'll ever do a dirty Book of Eli dystopia film?


Ethan Hawke: Yeah! If imagine sometimes that Daybreakers could be Mad Max and the sequel to it could be Road Warrior. You know how different Mad Max was to Road Warrior, maybe Road Warrior is such a great sequel because it was completely different.

But I'm really interested to see what it's like in Nebraska with the subsiders. It could get really wild.

If they wrote a sequel would you do it?

Ehthan Hawke: If Peter and Michael wrote it yeah.

We then took these ideas to Peter and Michael Spierig - turns out they're already thinking about a prequel, and maybe even a graphic novel for the series.


Ethan was saying if there was a sequel for Daybreakers, he'd like to go to Nebraska, for example and see how the non-city vampires lived. Would you write a sequel to Daybreakers?

Michael Spierig: It all depends on how this one does. The answer simply is yes. It just depends on how it does. If this film works then sure.


Do you have a notebook of ideas for the sequel?

Peter Spierig: Yes we have a lot of ideas. There's lots of things even dealing with the world as the plague was hitting and what went on there. So there's lots of material.


Have you thought about writing a book, or doing a special documentary just about all the world building on Daybreakers?

Peter Spierig: On the DVD, there's a feature length documentary that we've been working on, for nearly six years. That will go through a lot of stuff. Pretty much from when we started writing the treatment to the premiere.


Michael Spierig: We've also written a massive backstory of what happens and hopefully one day we can turn that into a graphic novel. It would be nice to do a graphic novel off shoot.