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Eton Power Turbine 2000: Crank Your Dead Phone Back to Life

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I get lost constantly when I visit NYC, and keeping Google Maps open with Wi-Fi and GPS on spells near-instant death for my phone's battery. No power means no map means I'm SOL. But with the Eton Power Turbine 2000 in my bag, I could just hand-crank some juice into my phone. That means I won't have to worry about finding a free power outlet in Manhattan at 2am, right?

What Is It?

A hand-cranked emergency power supply for your personal electronics.

Who's it For?

Outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, or business travelers—anyone who doesn't have access to wall sockets or forgets to bring the phone's primary charger.



An aluminum box measuring 1-inch tall, 2.2-inches wide, 5-inches long, and weighing 7 ounces.


Using It

Crank it using the integrated handle for quick, emergency charges—a minute of cranking gets about 30 seconds of talk time. (You can also plug it into a wall outlet via a USB input to charge its internal 2000 mAh battery.)

The Best Part

If the Eton is fully juiced, its battery capacity is enough to fully recharge most smartphones.


Tragic Flaw

It has a 2:1 cranking/powering ratio—if you want anything more than a few minutes of talk time, you still have to find an outlet.


This Is Weird...

You can daisy-chain this between a plugged-in laptop and your phone to charge all three from a single outlet simultaneously.


Test Notes

  • Took roughly two hours of cranking to gain 25-percent capacity.
  • One hour of charging delivers 20-30 percent capacity to the phone, as tested with a Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4S, and HTC Rezound.
  • At 2000 mAh, it lacks the capacity to effectively charge laptops and tablets. Phones, MP3 players, and other 5V personal electronics are all fair game.

Should You Buy It?

It's a handy device for $60—if, for nothing else, peace of mind. If you do find your battery kaput and yourself away from an outlet, you won't be completely SOL.


Eton PowerTurbine 2000 Specs


• Dimensions: 5 x 2.2 x 1-inches
• Weight: 7 ounces
• Capacity: 2000 mAh
• Connectivity:Micro-USB input, USB Output
• Price: $60 2000 mAh, $50 1000 mAh version
• Gizrank: 3.5 Stars