Etta Candy's Perspective is the Only One That Matters in This New Wonder Woman Clip

Image: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Image: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Sure, Diana Prince is great and all, but we know the real star of the Wonder Woman movie was Etta Candy, Diana’s woman-at-arms and her posh guide to London customs and fashion. In a new clip promoting the upcoming Blu-Ray release of the film, Etta (Lucy Davis) gives her own perspective on things.


The short clip is a fun little inversion of the film’s narrative. As recounted by Etta, the events of the story are not so much about a heroic outsider saving the world and more the introduction of a powerful woman into London society, with Etta, of course, as her fabulous guide. Though she does admit that there might be some utility in Diana’s more heroic assets, particularly that golden lasso of hers.

This video is further stoking my desire to see an Etta Candy solo film. She’s definitely got the charisma. Fortunately, Warner Bros. seems to agree (well, not about the movie, but I can still dream): the Blu Ray will feature a new epilogue starring Etta leading her own adventure, “[getting] the boys back together for a secret mission that could impact humanity’s future.” I can’t wait.

The video is below, and Wonder Woman hits digital on August 29th, with a Blu Ray release following on September 19th.


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That was beautiful. And yes, obviously more Etta.

When I was watching the movie, I remember all the cute/funny fish-out-of-water bits, all the observations from Diana’s perspective (Ice cream? You should be very proud. / Why are people holding hands? Oh very well)... and enjoyed them with a big grin on the whole time. I always thought it was a missed opportunity (or it maybe just got cut out) with the boat scene. Like it was a whole set-up, but no punchline. Like when Etta greets them in the lobby and is glad Steve made it back...

Etta: Steve! We were all so worried for you. How did you manage to get back to London?

Steve: Well...

Diana: Oh, Steve and I slept together on a boat from Themyscira. Are those battle dresses...?

Etta stands there, hands on hips, gives Steve a mean look.

Steve: ...!