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Ok, I've dealt with Europe and Asia getting the cool phones first. But come on: They get HBO on demand from 3G too? That's OUR channel! Looks like Vodaphone is announcing a global Mobile TV service, which will offer series like Sex and the City, Six Feet Under or Curb Your Enthusiasm on its Vodafone Live! service. Bastards. And to rub it in, they'll also get Eurosport, Twentieth Century Fox Television, The UEFA Champions League, Discovery, MTV, Chilli TV and Fashion TV in countries like New Zealand or UK. All this will work on any 3G-enabled phone in eight of Vodafone's operating countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and the UK; three associate networks—Belgium, France and Switzerland; and one partner network, Austria. All we get are crappy ringtone downloads—MIDI Gold Digger!—and a kick in the ass.

Watch HBO in Europe on Vodafone global Mobile TV [i4u]