Even Shock Jocks Sound Sweet on this Vintage Shortwave Radio

Micah Fitzerman-Blue -- Bureau of Trade

Classic turntables may get all the glamour, but the shortwave radio deserves a place of prominence in the home of any audiophile. For a stylish way to surf the airwaves, try this stunning late 1950s Trans-World T-9, produced by Philco (that's the Philadelphia Storage Battery Company, for those who don't like to abbreviate). Beautiful chrome knobs handle tuning, tone, and band selection, and the package comes with a world map, logbook, and twelve pages of schematics.

Its four-foot antenna can pick up tunes, blast right-wing talk radio, or catch up on the endless, mysterious recitation of Russian numbers. It runs on six 6 D batteries, so it's portable—technically speaking. But at well over twenty pounds, it's probably not the best carry-on item for your flight on Eastern Airlines.


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