Every Night's a Righteous Road Trip in a VW Camper Bunk Bed

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It can't do battle with an insane Star Wars-themed bunk bed, but for kids who are a little more grounded in reality, this Volkswagen Camper Bunk Bed is an awesome alternative. Yeah, it doesn't have lasers, but a surfboard ladder is equivalently awesome.

At seven and a half feet long and four and a half feet tall, the bed's about half the size of the real deal, but big enough to take two child passengers to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant of their literal dreams. It doesn't come cheap though; you'll pay $1,200 for an unassembled version plus shipping from the UK. Then again, maybe it's not the best idea to get your kids used to sleeping in a van every night, no matter how cool it is. [Fun Furniture Collection via Likecool]


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Man, I would have LOVED that bed as a kid.

Nowadays, it might serve as a good tool to indoctrinate any future children into aircooled VW appreciation, and also help keep their future expectations usefully low. Win on both counts.