Every Star Wars Fan Is Going to Want This Stupid Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser

There are a lot of dumb Star Wars-branded products on the market, and a Darth Vader toothpick dispenser certainly had the potential to be one of the worst. But by having Vader snatch and wield a toothpick like it was his lightsaber, Bandai has made this absurd collectible a must-have addition to any collection.


Using the dispenser is as simple as flicking a lever on the back that brings Vader to life, ready to quash the Rebels or help you dislodge a piece of steak stuck behind your molars.

A secret panel then opens on Vader’s cape with a fresh toothpick at the ready, which he snatches using the hilt in his hand, turning it into his lightsaber without the distinctive red glow. That might anger certain Star Wars fans who demand authenticity, but the rest of us will happily drop $26 on this novelty come June, if it’s ever made available outside of Japan.

[Dengeki Hobby Web via ToyPeople]


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