As far as Apple announcements go, today's "Spring Forward" event was decidedly lacking in big reveals. The only real curveball was Apple's reveal of a brand new MacBook—one that comes in both gold and space gray, no less. Still, there were some fun little surprises thrown in the mix.

So in case you didn't happen to spend the afternoon glued to your screen, these are the best, brightest, and in some cases, most disappointing developments to come out of today's onslaught of all things Apple. Enjoy.

The New Ultra Skinny MacBook: Here's Your Next (Gold!) Apple Laptop

It's about damn time Apple reinvented the MacBook. More than the refreshed MacBook Air we've been hearing rumors about since last year, this new laptop is called simply MacBook. So what do we make of this shiny new golden egg? For starters, there's clearly a load of impressive engineering that went into shrinking down the components to make this computer super tiny. The converse, of course, is that Apple's cut a lot of corners and it's hard to say what the impact will be on usability and performance. [More]

The New MacBook Isn't What You Think

Apple's new MacBook is slick and svelte. It only weighs two pounds! But before you get too excited about how great this tiny (gold) laptop might fit into your life, you should know a little bit about its brains. This is not a retina MacBook Air. [More]

The Many, Many Prices of the Apple Watch

Big or small? Gold, stainless steel, or anodized aluminum? Metal, leather, plastic. So many choices at so many prices. It's going to be ok. Let's break it down. [More]

All the Very Personal Data Apple's ResearchKit Will Collect About You

Apple just announced the details of the new open source software framework that will make it easier for medical researchers to access data about millions of potential subjects. ResearchKit sounds amazing—and potentially riddled with security concerns. Will Apple make it easier for adversaries to access your health data, too? [ More]

Standalone HBO Is Launching Exclusively With Apple

Great news for Apple-loving cord-cutters: When HBO launches HBO Now, its new standalone subscription service, Apple will be its exclusive partner. You'll be able to watch after you sign up using an iOS device or Apple TV. [More]

Apple's New MacBook Hands-On: Gorgeous, Featherlight, But a Bit Awkward

I just lifted Apple's gorgeous new MacBook with a single hand. For a moment, it felt like I was holding nothing at all. It's so light—and gorgeous, too. But I wonder if it's back to being an impractical PC. Starting at a way-pricier-than-MacBook Air $1300... with a slower Core M processor... and a crazy-thin, somewhat uncomfortable keyboard... requiring a dongle to get your USB and video-out ports... it's not the totally practical package the MacBook Air was. [More]

How Apple Will Make Superhard "Apple Gold" for Its Watches

Apple design VP Jony Ive told the Financial Times that Apple had invented a new kind of ultra-hard 18 karat gold for its line of luxury Apple Watches. Though rumors about the gold's bizarre molecular structure are false, Apple Gold is a real thing. Here's what the patent reveals about it, and a possible Apple Diamond as well. [More]

Apple Messed Up on the MacBook Air Again

For years Apple's MacBook Air has languished in partial obsolescence—a great laptop with fantastic battery life and a quizzically outdated screen. 1440 x 900 is a pitifully small resolution for modern times. Sadly, the company hasn't learned its lesson: the 2015 MacBook Air refresh has the same, outdated display as it has for years. What a disappointment. [More]

The Gold Apple Watch Costs at Least as Much as 100 Pebble Smartwatches

There's been plenty of speculative chatter over just how much the fanciest of smartwatches—the gold Apple Watch Edition—will cost. And it's finally official: this little gadget will set you back at least $10,000. But that's just the starting price. Tim Cook didn't even mention on stage where the higher end of the Apple Watch Edition caps off, but according to Apple's website, the most expensive option hits $17,000. Jesus christ. [More]

Here's the $80 Dongle You Need to Use the New MacBook With Your Stuff

Apple's new Macbook has a do-everything USB type-C connector. That's good! But there's only one on the entire laptop. That's bad! Want to charge your laptop and plug in your iPhone at the same time? Buy a dongle. Want to plug your laptop into an external monitor without relying on battery life? Buy a dongle. Want to do more than one USB-related thing at any given time ever? Buy a dongle. It costs $80 and comes in two flavors: USB Type-C, HDMI and regular USB or the exact same thing but with VGA instead of HDMI. [More]

Our Apple Watch Liveblog

It's about time, right? Time to see what Apple literally has up its sleeves. Time to hear all about the new Apple Watch and other assorted surprises. Are you ready? We covered it all live for you, so you can check out the nitty gritty details of the whole event right here. [ More]

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