Exclusive clips reveal a familiar face on the season finale of Person of Interest

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Tomorrow night marks the season finale of CBS hit Person of Interest, our favorite new "five seconds into the future series" about two surveillance vigilantes and the possibly sentient Machine that feeds them the social security numbers of people who are in danger — or about to cause it. The already-dystopian series is going to take a darker turn tomorrow when it looks like the Machine has turned against its creator, Finch, and his tough sidekick Reese. It's turning evidence over to the Feds, who've been chasing Reese since episode one. In these exclusive clips, you get a glimpse of a tense scene where Reese is trying to make a getaway, saving his own ass and his number of the week in the process.

And look who the number of the week is! It's Amy Acker, AKA Fred from Angel and Dr. Saunders from Dollhouse and the frazzled head of Chem from Cabin in the Woods. Yay! She plays a psychologist who seems like she can't stop processing Reese's feelings, even when they're fleeing from the Feds who are hot on his tail.

Will the Machine betray Finch and Reese? Will Carter be able to help them in time? Will Amy Acker help Reese finally deal with his issues? All I can say is I'm seriously glad that this techno-paranoid show has gotten such good ratings, and has been renewed for a full season next year, because it brings a much-needed dose of weirdness (and sartorial quirkiness) into my life every week.