ExoPC Tablet Looks Familiar, But Similarities End There

Illustration for article titled ExoPC Tablet Looks Familiar, But Similarities End There

The comparisons to another recently revealed tablet are unavoidable, but believe you me the similarities end with the aesthetics. Inside there's Windows 7, flash support and multitouch. In fact, the more apt comparison is probably "netbook," as you can see:

There's the Atom N270 processor, running at 1.6Ghz, for example. And then there's the 2GB of memory and solid state 32GB drive. Lastly, the replaceable battery on this 8.9-in. multitouch tablet is clocked at a mere four hours, which doesn't seem that great (saving grace being that is replaceable).


Pricing is set at $599 when it launches in March. Impatient types can buy a non-multitouch prototype for $780 right now. [ExoPC via Engadget]


Runs Windows 7 wel done bet it needs antivirus, malware, spy ware software and regular housekeeping on it defragmentation, check disk etc all on a 8.9 inch screen should be fun

Any only 4 Hours battery life, does it have a 300 charging cylce battery or 1000 like the ipad