Experimental Touchscreen Makes iPhone Look Like a Toy

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The main draw of Apple's iPhone is its touchscreen interface, which can respond to two points of contact. What if you could have a touchscreen with an infinite number of points of contact? What would that do for computing as we know it? How would that change life as we know it? These are but a few questions raised by the ongoing research of Jeff Han, whose work at NYU might not only make him YouTube rich, but might put him in the same category as the Edisons and Farnsworths of the world.


Han has already sold a screen to one of the branches of the military. Companies are already developing rival technologies to prevent Han from cornering the market. And to top it all off, a video of Han feeling up his screen for the cheering mob.

Can't Touch This [Fast Company]


I can't understand why this relates to the iPhone at all... So Apple's forthcoming device doesn't support more than two touchpoints (or maybe it does - we don't know), but does that really matter?

Can you really imagine using more than two fingers on such a small screen? You certainly wouldn't do so for anything *useful*. Come to think of it, these five-fingered demos I've seen have *never* included anything useful.

Point is, the iPhone supports functionality appropriate to the iPhone; a very small device. Larger devices probably *should* support more fingers for... whatever application they're sure to eventually come up with.