Expert Hired To Create Dothraki Language For "Game Of Thrones" Miniseries

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HBO is developing a miniseries based on George R.R. Martin's Game Of Thrones series. Now the network has hired someone to write a language for the books' nomadic warrior people called Dothraki. Bodes well for worldbuilding in this show.


HBO is working with a member of the Language Creation Society, a group devoted to creating constructed languages, or conlangs. (Conlangs include everything from Esperanto to Elvish.) In a release, HBO reps explained:

[David J.] Peterson drew inspiration from George R.R. Martin's description of the language, as well as from such languages as Russian, Turkish, Estonian, Inuktitut and Swahili. However, the Dothraki language is no mere hodgepodge, babble or pidgin. It has its own unique sound, extensive vocabulary of more than 1,800 words and complex grammatical structure.

"In designing Dothraki, I wanted to remain as faithful as possible to the extant material in George R.R. Martin's series," says Peterson. "Though there isn't a lot of data, there is evidence of a dominant word order [subject-verb-object], of adjectives appearing after nouns, and of the lack of a copula [‘to be']. I've remained faithful to these elements, creating a sound aesthetic that will be familiar to readers, while giving the language depth and authenticity. My fondest desire is for fans of the series to look at a word from the Dothraki language and be unable to tell if it came from the books or from me - and for viewers not even to realize it's a constructed language."

And in case you are getting your panties in a bunch thinking about Dothraki, here are some tidbits:

The name for the Dothraki people - and their language - derives from the verb "dothralat" ("to ride").

The Dothraki have four different words for "carry," three for "push," three for "pull" and at least eight for "horse," but no word that means "please" or "follow."

The longest word in Dothraki is "athastokhdeveshizaroon," which means "from nonsense."

The words for "related," "weighted net," "eclipse," "dispute," "redhead," "oath," "funeral pyre," "evidence," "omen," "fang" and "harvest moon" all have one element in common: "qoy," the Dothraki word for "blood."

Dothraki for "to dream" – "thirat atthiraride" – literally means "to live a wooden life"; in Dothraki, "wooden" ("ido") is synonymous with "fake."

The word for "pride" – "athjahakar" – is derived from "jahak," the traditional long braid worn by Dothraki warriors ("lajaki").

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